Long after the honeymoon is over, you and your families will remember the
music that made your wedding reception special. The Night & Day Orchestra
sets your reception apart from most others with classic romantic melodies that
everyone loves, as well as show and swing tunes that complement the celebration.

Following, are some frequently asked questions we're asked about weddings and receptions.

Do I need a wedding or event planner?
This is totally up to you. If you feel somewhat in the dark and think you need
some help, then by all means hire an event or wedding planner. NDO will be
happy to help
guide you, whether it’s to recommend a planner, a caterer, a
florist or a venue. We are here to help. Our members have literally decades
of wedding reception experience, so we can help guide you through your
magical night, lending our own musical magic to help create some very special
memories for you and your family and friends.

How long should my reception last?
The greatest majority of wedding parties are contracted for 3 hours. The first
hour will be taken up by the band entertaining your guests while you are
finishing up with pictures. The second hour is for the important and memorable
moments like the bride's first dance, the bride's dance with her father and the
allimportant cutting of the cake. The third hour is a "wind down" time from a
very long day for all concerned. It's a good time to gently close the bar, get
designated drivers assigned and provides a chance to socialize with your well-
wishing friends before you toss the garter and ESCAPE!

We would also suggest that you plan toasts, speeches and the like to take
place during our two intermissions
. This allows you to take maximum advantage of the planned playing time of 45 minute sets!

I plan a traditional reception; how will your music fit into our plans?
We'll make every effort to accommodate your wishes by providing music for
many wedding customs.

Here are a few of the usual customs which we encounter most often:
- Bride and Groom entrance into reception area; an announcement, followed
    by a special selection.
- Announcement of the wedding couples first dance as Mr. and Mrs.
- Bride's dance with father and/or father-in-law.
- Groom's dance with mother and/or mother-in-law.
- Fanfare for Cake Cutting.
- Drum-roll & Fanfare for garter and/or bouquet toss!
We can also provide special music for ethnic traditions, if needed.

Do you have suggested songs for the First Dance? Among the most requested slow tunes that have stood the test of time are:
Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade"
Hoagy Carmichael's "Star Dust"
Or the ever-popular standard ballad, "The Nearness of You"

We've also had requests for more up-tempo tunes, such as:
"The Best is Yet to Come"
"Fly Me to the Moon"
and of course, "The Way You Look Tonight"
Another very popular song for that all-important first dance is “It Had To Be
from the romantic movie "When Harry Met Sally".

These are a just a few of the many hundreds of songs that come to mind. If
you wish special music, we can obtain or arrange most any special tune for
your special occasion. There may be a charge for a custom arrangement of a
relatively obscure song, but usually we can find that perfect selection for your
perfect wedding!

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