The Night & Day Orchestra features the music of the Big Band Era and other tunes from the ensuing years that lend themselves to the instrumentation of the classic Big Band. We have many arrangements that recreate the sounds and styles of the most famous bands: Dorsey, Miller, Basie, Brown, Goodman, Shaw, and scores of original arrangements of tunes over the last sixty-odd years. Our library includes show tunes from Broadway, sambas, cha-chas, salsas, beguines, tangos and waltzes among others. Don't be surprised to find tunes from the rock era as well... done a la Big Band, of course!

Our vocalists sing the songs you remember and have received rave reviews from our audiences. The effort put forth by every single member of this group, whether singers, musicians, rehearsal conductor or set-up crew, is professional. All of us have extensive musical backgrounds and training. Regardless of what we do during the day, music is still our passion!

We rehearse every week year round, and practice daily to maintain the skills necessary to play at the requisite level of our arrangements. It is a necessary part of each of our lives.

We constantly seek new music to offer our listeners. Poring over catalogs from far and wide often yields challenging new material. There are still arrangers out there who arrange for the Big Band. We try to encourage them to keep on doing so, by buying their music. We feel that as long as there is a market, as long as today's arrangers can sell their wares to groups of our instrumentation, they'll continue to arrange. And we'll continue to play into this still new 21st century!

Dave Wolpe, Tom Kubis, Peter Blair and Sammy Nestico are just four of today's arrangers whose work is a valuable, integral part of our repertoire. We will constantly add new material as we find it. If you have a favorite you'd like to see us add to our repertoire, please let us know. It's probably available somewhere "out there," and we'll be happy to add it when and if we are able to find it.

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