The Night & Day Orchestra is a traditional big band based in Beaumont, Texas. Located 70 miles east of Houston and 60 miles west of Lake Charles, Louisiana on Interstate 10, the "NDO" is situated in an ideal southeast Texas area and ready to bring music lovers the best music ranging from the 1930s and 1940s right up to today's big band favorites. We strive to keep the big bands "alive" and aspire to the same quality and look as those of the famous road bands of old.

We offer all of southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana musical art in the form of the finest American popular music ever written, specifically swing era music, as well as a performance medium for talented musicians who just want to play. While this is a professional orchestra, most of our membership makes their living in unrelated fields. Their dedication shines through in inspiration and professionalism.

We have performers of all ages and backgrounds. Doctor, policeman, educator, student, and just your "average Joe." Most have had training to the professional level in music, but chose to earn their living in another field. NDO is their opportunity for musical expression, and they take it very seriously.

The Night and Day Orchestra is all about the music. We perform the original standards, exerting much effort to obtain the original scores or transcriptions of the original recordings whenever possible. It is our hope and desire that NDO will lend a helping hand to the preservation and appreciation of this great American music that is so closely tied to America's art-form.... jazz!

After all, it's all about the music!

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